Giving Up Control

I’ve always been proud to tell people that I’m self-coached. Two elite powerlifting totals and a natural bodybuilding pro card felt like even greater accomplishments when I could add that little tidbit on the end. I did it, all by myself. The traiing, the nutrition, the accountability- those victories were mine, just mine. 

What an arrogant asshole. … Read More Giving Up Control

The Mystery of The Best Dietary Approach

Low carb. Keto. Paleo. IIFYM. Flexible dieting. Intermittent fasting. Calories in-calories out. *insert branded diet name here* OF COURSE you can eat donuts. OF COURSE avocados have magical fat burning qualities. OF COURSE grains will murder your pets in their sleep. OF COURSE you need to buy this disgusting shake.   Dietary approaches are incredibly… Read More The Mystery of The Best Dietary Approach