Explain Your Sports, Part 2: Womens Bodybuilding Divisions

Bodybuilding is a sport in which absurdly lean and hungry athletes get on stage wearing next to nothing but a spray tan and a glued on bathing suit. There are no feats of strength performed on contest day- all of the lifting is done in advance. Weeks, and sometimes months, of dieting have preceded show day. This contest is not about what we can do, it’s about showing off the physical manifestation of the work we have done in the days, months, weeks, and years prior.… Read More Explain Your Sports, Part 2: Womens Bodybuilding Divisions

Giving Up Control

I’ve always been proud to tell people that I’m self-coached. Two elite powerlifting totals and a natural bodybuilding pro card felt like even greater accomplishments when I could add that little tidbit on the end. I did it, all by myself. The traiing, the nutrition, the accountability- those victories were mine, just mine. 

What an arrogant asshole. … Read More Giving Up Control