Squat Day: Monday, October 5, 2015

Ughhhhhh, the first day back to work after a two week  break is killerrrrrrrrr.


Lucky for me, I don’t even get to hang with my awesome students. It’s an inservice day. And if you don’t know, that’s the freaking worst. That’s literally all the bullshit and none of the fun stuff. Sitting in meetings, completing the yearly don’t-have-sex-with-your-students training, listening to my principal try and wake us all up with jokes that fall flat on under-caffeinated teachers forced to get up at 5am to play the role of passive student. It’s the worst. The only reason I get out of bed in the morning is for my students- take them out of the equation, and I’d rather be dead.


Anyhow, I did it, I got my ass out of bed, but as a rebellion I decided to set my alarm for 4:45 rather than 4:30. And I didn’t wash my hair. So take that, admin.


It’s a squat day, so today I get to eat alllllllll the carbs. And I’m back up to  maintenance calories at least, on lifting days, which feels awesome after being too hard on myself, calorically speaking, recently. I’ll be adding in calories for the next few weeks, too.

Macros goals, for the day:

  • Protein: 115 (29%)
  • Fat: 32 (18%)
  • Carb: 215 (53%)
    • Fiber: 24-35. I give myself a range, because this is where I know my body does well. Much over 35 and tomorrow my belly is going to be a bit weird.

So, begrudgingly, I started packing my lunch to take to school for the day. The thing I love about intermittent fasting is that I can manage to get all the way to my seventh period prep time to eat lunch, around 1300, meaning I only have to carry one meal with me, and I don’t have to worry about getting up extra early to make breakfast before school.


Lifting day lunches are pretty much the same every day for me, with a few variations on the theme. I’m, no lie, OBSESSED with turkey sandwiches. I’ve probably eaten at least 4 turkey sandwiches a week for the last 3 years. I never get tired of them. You can put any veggies you want! And cheeses! And ANY KIND OF MUSTARD! And  hummus! Whatever you want! So I make a turkey sandwich. Shoutout to Boar’s Head for making this cracked pepper turkey, though. So bomb, it’s my absolute favorite. And I almost always bring carrot sticks to go with. I’m not a creature of habit normally, especially with food, but damn, I will never get tired of turkey sandwiches and carrot sticks.


Today I went with a sweet-and-spicy mustard I picked up at Sprouts yesterday, and a garlic herb Laughing Cow cheese, and top with red peppers, red onion, and spinach. I supplement my carrot sticks with both celery and cucumbers, because the celery was going to be bad soon and I happened to see a cucumber when I opened the fridge.



Obviously, all my beverages come with, though. And I’ve already had two cups of coffee by the time I fill my travel mug up to head out the door. Yes, even when I’m teaching I’m hydrating, hydrating, hydrating. My school is pretty neat in that I teach two hours, then have prep time, teach two hours, prep time, then teach my last class, so I have time to run and pee at regular intervals. Today, not a problem, because it’s just meetings and whatnot, but that just means I’ll need more coffee…


You have no idea how much coffee it takes to sit through a three hour “making good decisions” online training, at your computer, and you can’t skip through, but have to sit through every single video… But just so you all know, I will never have a relationship with a student that may or may not “cross the line,” and I know how to spot this shit from a mile away. So don’t you attempt any funny business with my kids either, because I am mandated reporter.
Speaking of making good decisions… I keep the GOOD candy on deck for my students, and I picked this up over the break to replenish my stash. Reese’s are the most popular, second only to my Dora the Explorere fruit snacks. I give it out for perfect attendance- if every one of my students is in any class period, no absences, the class gets candy. Yeah yeah, bribery and whatnot, but attendance is a problem at our school. I swear to you I’ve had students tell me that the potential for a mini Kit Kat was the only reason they got out of bed. I can’t teach them if they don’t show up, so I’m not above bribery to get them in their seats. Fridays are the worst attendance days- we have shortened class periods, and many kids decide they just won’t bother, and I’m the only teacher who gets multiple class periods on Fridays with 100% attendance. My assistant principal told me he doesn’t think it’s the candy that gets them to my class, though, that the candy is secondary to me.


                         Oh, you…

I don’t know how many of you are teachers, but the teacher’s lounge is notorious for having chips and cookies and random junk on the table. Today, admin provided bagels and toast and fruit and Greek yogurt for the day of meetings, all awesome things. I could have, but chose not to, partake. I painstakingly crafted that sandwich, you know?! Besides, the leftovers will probably last the rest of the week. No food FOMO here. Costco is right down the road, and I could buy this stuff any day I wanted. I know this break room snacking gets the best of many people, and I’m guilty of falling prey to it on occasion too. Today, however, stressed and bored as I was about this idiotic training, I successfully avoided the trap of the teacher’s lounge.

Mostly.  I DID find, while I was eating that amazing sandwich bacon goddamn cream cheese. 

I had to taste it. I checked my macros- duh, all I had was a sandwich, of course I had fats left! A quick scan put it into LoseIt for me.

I estimated about a teaspoon (really, I just wanted to taste it!) and put it on a celery stick. Perks to having tracked macros for so long- I’m insanely good at eyeballing portions now. Sometimes I play a game with myself when I’m cooking. “This is about 32g onion.” Weight it. 32.6g. OMG I have superpowers.


Guys. It’s pretty good. How did I not know this existed? I’m so boring, I normally just buy the Target brand whipped cream cheese and call it good. I fancy myself an expert grocery shopper, but apparently I’m not taking my time in the refrigerated section like I do in the Oreo aisle. Or I could also just chop the bacon from the fridge and mix it into some cream cheese which would give it better macros anyhow.


Breakfast macros:

Zack says normal people don’t put mushrooms on a cold sandwich. But I do what I want. Nobody tells me what I can or can’t put on my sandwich.














I drag my feet as long as I can socializing in the lounge, collect a few congrats on having completed my master’s and enthrall a few listeners with the tale of my Tomorrowworld and New Orleans adventures from over the break, before heading back to my classroom to move some furniture around and finally grade the extra credit that had been turned in for the previous 8 weeks.


I ended up moving furniture and cleaning for an hour longer than I was required to be at school, which was annoying, as it set my lifting back, which set my dinner back…


And also I was starving by the time I got home. Luckily, I remembered as I was driving home that I had some leftover veggie Neapolitan-style pizza from my date night over the weekend! And some grilled chicken left over! Neapolitan is my favorite, and I love how easy it is to track. I have a crust recipe that I use, and Neapolitan sauce is very basic, and, like I said, I have a portion-estimating superpower that comes in handy for the toppings.

Way more delicious than it was aesthetic, I assure you. Mushroooooooooooms and eggplant!

Eyeballing the pizza, I estimated the contents, and threw my remaining two pieces on a plate with the chicken in the microwave for 30 seconds. Good enough. No lie, I’m hella lazy about reheating food. Most often I hate how microwaved food tastes, so I eat most leftovers cold. But pizza crust needs just a little zap to become pliable enough to chew, you know?


Pretty much as soon as I get done, I need to start lifting, so I mix up my pre workout, something new I’m trying this week called EndoRev by RevLabs. It’s pretty good- good evergy without jitters. I’m hitting my lifts like a boss, feeling focused, AWESOME pump. I’ve been leaving the gym having worked so hard I’m a bit shaky, but, not to a point where it’s worrisome… like, damn, I put in work. I also decide I would really like some Goldfish Grahams, so, I have some. Ahem, pre workout carbs, right? It’s the last of my French toast flavored ones- highly recommended. Tomorrow I’ll open the strawberry shortcake I think. They’re the snack that smiles back!


Lunch macros:











Lifting went great- how could it not, after a smiling pre workout, though. I hit all my prescribed lifts fairly easily (still running Candito’s six week strength template, and I just restarted on my third wave following vacation), and threw in some superset barbell glute bridges at 200 pounds and dumbbell Bulgarian split squats as my accessory work for the day.

Zack had text me earlier in the day that he didn’t need a dinner, after having his lunch and daily egg burrito he would hit his macros perfectly with a protein shake, so I took to the fridge to see what kind of leftovers I could find. I was so excited to be met with some carne adovada I had made over the weekend- my first attempt, and it ended up so delicious! I thought Zack would have eaten it, but I’m so glad he didn’t, so I set to whipping up some tacos! Having a zillion leftover carbs in my day, I put together some leftover cilantro-lime rice and a scoop of black beans from the freezer as a side, and topped my tortillas and meat with red cabbage, quest fresca, chopped onions, and fresh cilantro, and tucked into it and an episode of How We Got to Now on Netflix.


The butter comes from the cilantro-lime rice, it just makes the texture a bit nicer.

Aside: I’m a documentary junkie. Fuck a sitcom or a drama, give me some knowledge, you know?! This series is really good! I was feeling really depressed about running out of episodes of Chef’s Table and this has buffered my loss a bit. 










Dang, guys, for a white girl from Wisconsin, I make a really, really good carne adovada. And aesthetic, too, no?


Satisfied with the spice in my mouth and carne in my belly, I settle in to some Economics lesson planning and cat snuggles as Zack folds the laundry. Our topic this week is super interesting- market failures and economic safety nets. Because I teach at a continuation school in a very low income neighborhood, my kids have great insight on the topic, and I think I’m learning as much as they are!


Lessons ready and cat purring, I take a look at my remaining macros for the day and decide on “dessert.” About 6F/48C/20P left. To the fridge!

I love to eat something in a bowl as dessert. I have no idea why a bowl is a requirement, but ice cream, a Beltsander brownie, or sweetened cottage cheese or Greek yogurt are my favorites. Because I’m low on fats and only stock 2% cottage cheese, I opt for Greek yogurt tonight, and mix in some canned pumpkin puree I have in the fridge. If I needed more protein, I’d stir in some cinnamon swirl whey, but I don’t, so I sweeten with a splash of salted caramel sugar-free coffee syrup and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice (SHUT UP, and yes, that’s my own blend), and top with a chopped up fuji apple (omg honey crisp season is coming up! I always know it’s coming when the Fujis are abundant at the farmers market! And then come the Pink Ladies!!! I freaking LOVE apples!), a handful of honey nut cheerios for crunch, and I finish up my remaining fats with a drizzle of my favorite You Fresh Naturals coconut almond butter, the cinnamon pecan. Hnnnnng. I should apply to be an affiliate for them, I love their butters.


Dessert Macros:











Mmmm, so satisfying. Apples, Cheerios, nut butter, pumpkin spice… even though San Diego doesn’t have autumn, the Wisconsin girl in me loves the idea of it. I miss the changing leaves and the crisp air. Autumn is the only time I feel and nostalgia for that place whatsoever. Luckily, I can take a short drive over to Julian and pick some apples and eat some pie and get my fall-fix, before returning to the comfort of my constant 75 degree sunshine. That’s a lie, it’s been hot as balls. Tell me why I’m eating pumpkins and apples and it’s a goddamn hundred degrees outside. Seriously.


So, in summary of the day’s macros:

                                Final totals for the day


  • Protein: 115 (29%)
  • Fat: 32 (18%)
  • Carb: 215 (53%)
    • Fiber: 24-35


I pretty much nailed it. I mean, not as though that was an accident, it was carefully planned, of course. Three grams over on protein, no big deal. Again, I aim for within 5g on carbs and protein (the macros that are 4 calories/gram) and within 2g on fats (because it’s 9 calories/gram.)



I’m really glad I went for the large jump back up to maintenance calories following vacation. My body needed it, and I’m feeling good. And carbs are delicious, so, there’s that.