Rest Day: Sunday, January 10, 2016- I’m siiiiiiiiiick

Everything fucking sucks when you’re sick. And I am. A week in Tahoe for a music festival, complete with attempted snowboarding adventures, two meal breakfasts including waffles every day, dancing in 9 degree weather, and wine in the hot tub took a toll on this body, and I came home with the head cold from hell. It’s my last day of winter break before heading back to work, and I intend to get as much recovering in as possible.

That is: I’m planning to mostly be a lump, today, and I’m not putting on goddamn pants. My equally or more sick husband, the kitty, these blankets, and Netflix are all that’s happening. I’m not even going to take the initiative to plan a lesson today because tomorrow is inservice anyhow, I’ll just do it then. This also means that I will be eating low carb, with elevated fat macros due to the way I run my carb cycling.


This sickness is a weird one, in that it has totally taken my appetite. This almost never happens. I’m almost always ravenous- a volume eater. I’ve been forcing myself to meet my calories goals every day, though, and I’ve been hitting the gym- my home gym, geez, you think I want to spread this shit? I’ve been limiting myself to just my big lifts, though, and cutting out most accessory work, so as to hopefully keep my strength up, but not overly tax my body, either, when it needs to be allocating resources towards making me feel better. I can grow lats once my lungs stop emitting mucous. Priorities.

I woke up at 8, and promptly put on my new knee high sloth socks in lieu of pants. Last day of break- you couldn’t pay me to wear pants, but, I’m cold. Hence the socks. Cue cat cuddles and blanket snuggles, too. but absolutely no pants.

It was 2pm before I realized I hadn’t eaten, yet. My typical eating window on a weekend begins at noon. Oops.


Macro goals for the day: 

  • Protein: 120g (34%)
  • Carbs: 57g (16%)
  • Fats: 76g (49%)

I’m currently attempting a recomp, after having brought my TDEE up to around 1900. I’m ok with my weight where it is- it’s not time to begin cutting for a figure competition yet, but I also don’t want my weight to increase any more either leading up to my next powerlifting meet. Rather than a straight across maintenance, I thought I’d play with a bit of under/over for fun and science, so my rest day macros are about 20% below maintenance (1390), while lifting day calories have me about 13% above maintenance (2160), with my weekly average being at approximately maintenance(1900)- I lift more days each week than I rest, hence the disparity in over/under.


Even though I wasn’t hungry, I made some food, opting for nutrient and calorie dense options. I figure loading up on veggies is good, because micronutrients and all, but I also don’t want to eat much, so higher calorie options will fill up my macros without having to eat a lot. This is not my normal habit- I typically try to eat low calorie options on rest days, to fill my belly up.

Getting a late start to the day, I opted for three whole eggs, rather than one or two plus egg whites. To boost the fat and calories, I chose to have both cheese and avocado as well- I typically go with one or the other.

Sick or not, hot sauce is not optional when I eat eggs. Cholula chili garlic is one of my favorites for breakfast. In fact, I only eat this one with breakfast. This is my breakfast hot sauce.











Alright success! Food made it into my belly- and it was delicious, even without having an appetite.

Look at that macro breakdown! Subtracting these from my daily goals, I’m left to fill:

  • Protein: 95g
  • Carbs: 46g
  • Fats: 54g




Now, I’m not a mom, but I am a naturally nurturing person, almost to annoyance. This is reflected at work, with my students, but more often my husband gets to enjoy that. This being said, I fawned over him all day, making sure he was ok. He had gone to the urgent care in the morning because he was feeling so poorly, so I was worried! About 4pm, I realized he hadn’t eaten in a while and it upset me, so for the thousandth time, I asked him if he wanted some soup.

I love soup. Zack doesn’t really give a damn about soup.

I had just made a fresh batch of chicken soup a day or two before- making the stock, chopping the veggies, portioning it out, the whole deal- because we were both sick. Soup is always a good idea. I loaded it up with chicken (thanks be to Costco, for roasting those suckers so nicely) and veggies, but left the noodles out- that way I could eat the soup on a low carb day or make noodles separately to add on a higher carb day.

Anyhow he finally agreed to eat my goddamn soup. I was so excited! So I made his, and I made myself some too. I was feeling the tiniest twinges of hunger, for the first time in days, too! Could I be getting better?!


To keep the carbs low and boost the veggie content, I spiraled some zucchini into “noodles,” and voila! Chicken zoodle soup!

And YOU get a no-makeup-haven’t-showered-sick-Stephanie soup selfie!








When I made the soup, I created a recipe in my LoseIt calorie tracking app, and I portioned it out into individual servings, so I knew the approximate macros of each.  Stock is hard, because there is some fat in there when you boil down a carcass, but, I’m not stressed about it to be honest. I’m not prepping for a show or anything, I can afford to be off by a little bit. Also this soup is incredible, I’m not trying to tarnish that by worrying about a few idiot calories. And look at that protein! When I say I loaded it up with chicken, that was no joke.




After my 4pm lunch, then, my remaining macros for the day looked like this:

  • Protein: 70g
  • Carbs: 34g
  • Fats: 50g


I had already pulled ahi tuna steaks out for dinner, so I decided on seared ahi salads for dinner. BI’m using vegetables as an attack system. I picture them as weapons, arming my immune system against this idiot bug. I’ve decided, then, that more is better, in terms of variety. Go vitamins, get ’em!


Once I get to the kitchen again, I realize I’m too lazy to actually take out a pan and sear the tuna. Lazy solution: George Foreman grill. A light spray of olive oil, throw in the seasoned steaks (I used a spice blend that I picked at random from my cupboard- there’s red pepper and garlic in there, mostly, and I threw some sesame seeds on there as well for texture), close, and count to about 65.



The result: not too damn bad, overall. Maybe I should’ve just counted to 60, but, I don’t mind my ahi slightly more than seared. It still makes for a pretty aesthetic salad.






Lots of ingredients. Remember: weaponized vegetables.

I made my own dressing, using 1T sesame oil, 1T honey ginger infused white balsamic (I didn’t count this, it’s about 10 calories, negligible), some pepper, and a dollop of honey mustard. If you don’t have the fancy vinegar, the dressing is equally as delicious with plain old apple cider vinegar and a splash of soy sauce.






Again, a solid breakdown. Prioritizing veggies helps keep carbs low, and the addition of avocado and the dressing I made brought the fats up.





Following dinner, then, my remaining macros for the day looked like this:

  • Protein: 31g
  • Carbs: 16g
  • Fats: 29g

Which is disheartening. Because I’m not hungry. Again.

Some might say, “fine! Don’t continue eating, then!” but to be honest, that would go against my goals. I’ve very carefully brought myself out of a deficit and made huge efforts to bring and keep my calories up. Regardless of whether I’m hungry, I need the calories. I can’t afford to lose strength, being 8 weeks from my next powerlifting meet, so I know that the best chance I have of maintaining is to keep fueled, and make sure my body has what it needs to repair itself without resorting to eating up my gains! So for me, the answer is to push through, and eat the damn food.


Sadly, Zack caught me savagely eating the cold chicken breast I pulled out of the fridge to fill up some of those protein macros. “is this your life now?” he asked, shaking his head.


The answer is yes. This is my life. Cold chicken, plain, eaten with the hands. Anyhow that knocked out 17g protein.





I chose to finish out the remaining macros for the day with my favorite flavor of Power Crunch bar- chocolate mint- and as much coconutter as finished it out. Just on a spoon. My xxfitness secret Santa hooked it UP with this! Dear lord, this vanilla cupcake flavor is in-freaking-credible. New favorite nut butter, for real.








These ended up being fantastic day finishing options, and my mouth was happy to eat them.


Finishing out the day’s math, then, we have:

  • Protein: goal- 120g / eaten- 120g
  • Carbs: goal- 57g / eaten- 58g
  • Fats: goal- 76g / eaten- 76g

And early to bed, for tomorrow, a day of meetings and lesson planning. Ick.