Rest Day: Saturday, August 8, 2015

I spent the day doing what my husband calls “Gandalfing.”

Don’t talk to me.

That is, typing and reading furiously with my hair crazy, wearing no pants. It also means that I regularly took frustrated trips to the fridge to stare in. A workday rest day is organized a bit different, but this is pretty indicative of a typical weekend rest day worth of eating. Because I know I’ll be wandering around the house annoyed at intervals, I pretty much eat in snacks most of the day. Typically I like to eat larger, more satiating meals, but these weekend rest days of thesis writing… ugh!

To start, my macro goals for the day are:

  • Protein: 116 (34%)
  • Fat: 76 (50%)
  • Carb: 56 (16%)
    • Fiber: at least 18. Fiber is a bit harder to get on rest days with so few carbs. I like to have about 30, but rest days I’ll accept 18.

Even on the weekends, I’m up before the sun. I let myself sleep in an hour, until 5:30, and immediately start in on the coffee, and sometimes some tea, and some water… pretty much I hydrate and caffeinate all morning. Bitches love beverages.

Good morning coffee, I love you. Yup, that’s yesterday’s makeup. And I haven’t washed my hair in like 5 days. Welcome to weekend study mode. Isn’t my husband lucky? I’m also not wearing any pants.

We take our coffee seriously and buy the fancy shmancy locally roasted fair trade port barrel aged hipster coffee, and we also have some that’s imported from the cloud forest region (Monteverde) of Costa Rica- I recommend both. This Modern Times one is actually roasted by a local brewery who does both beer and coffee incredibly well!

… but before I was finished with warm beverages the coffee pot was empty, and Zack had already aeropressed me a cup… and I was too lazy to make more so I had instant coffee+SF chai, too. My warm beverage love is so strong.

By 1030 I was already frustrated with my data, but had successfully put all of my fucking pie charts into my most recent draft, so I began wandering around the house looking for ways to procrastinate. Before the end of the day, I would fold four loads of laundry, seemingly entirely made of sports bras, sweep the whole floor, and clean the kitchen thoroughly three times. Because slicing cucumbers dirties it to the point of needing to clean the whole thing, obviously.

I don’t always drink BCAAs on a rest day, but did today. I generally save them for weekends when  I lift in the morning, before I break my fast, but I was getting too comfortable in the kitchen, and I find BCAAs help stave off my hunger for a bit, so I mixed some up. Scivation is my favorite, the flavor and mixability absolutely can’t be beat. Other aminos tend to be gritty or taste like burnt hair in the back of your throat I’ve found. And MANGO. (Not sponsored, but damn I wish I was. Hey, Scivation, you reading this? I LOVE your stuff. I buy the 90 serving container!)

Alright, time for eating.

At work, I usually use my third and fourth period preps to actually prep for my Econ class and get grading done, so I eat during my seventh period prep, which starts about 1245. I keep this schedule on the weekends, because my body appreciates the consistency.

Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day, whether at home or at work. I take great care for it to be super delicious. Weekdays see me creating masterful wraps, salads, or sandwiches that always garner admiration in the teacher’s lounge. Weekends I like to make eggs with way too many components, or protein pancakes or french toast or “breakfast salads” topped with poached eggs… or sandwiches. Damn I love sandwiches.

The setup. LOOK at my onion! There are two tiny onions instead of just one big one in there! And that jar? Indispensable. Homemade pickled jalapeños. BOMB.

Today I opted for eggs.

Eggs with zucchini, tomato, red onion, a little trip tip steak I had left from a dinner that I didn’t cook up, pickled jalapeños, and cream cheese.

Check out my mango+buternut squash setup in the background. I’m so mature.

Produce dicks. 

Hot sauce on everything. This is not optional.

really thought I was going to get my perfect egg flip and make a beautiful stuffed omelette for you today. But, seriously, whatever. Shit got mangled and now I have a scramble. It’s ugly, and whatever. I’m the worst egg flipper. My husband is the best at it, every time.

Breakfast breakdown:

Pretty good macro breakdown, huh? Almost right on for my daily goals! I’ve gotten pretty good at that.

“Lunch” is usually not a meal for me. Today, I broke it into two snacks, because, like I said, I knew I was going to be doing a lot of kitchen wandering, so this set me up to NOT eat random things to overshoot my macros.

First, I went to town on some ceviche from the bodega down the road. It’s so good. They make two types, and I always have at least one in the fridge, along with their homemade “salsa para chips hot,” which I can’t even live without.

I estimate the macros on the ceviche. I did some looking around at some store brand ceviches and homemade ones, and found an entry in my Lose It app that seemed like it would fit well, and I just use that.

I substitute cucumber slices for chips, to keep calories and carbs low, and truly, I just love cucumbers. You can eat a boatload of them for like 50 calories and they’re super satisfying.

Paper towel charcuterie plate. So fancy, wow.

Later, I went back for some pepperoni and cheese. I wanted string cheese but apparently Costco stopped carrying the kind I like, so I ate the fancy Tillamook sharp cheddar instead, like a grown up.

Pepperoni is one of my favorite fat/protein snacks. If you don’t need AS many fats as this, turkey pepperoni has just over half the fats per serving and is also yummy.

“Lunch” (two snacks) breakdown:

Still got my macros pretty well on-par with my daily goals!

Dinner is a special challenge in my house. My husband and I both practice carb cycling, and it’s more common than not that we are on opposite days. Today, he lifted, I did not, meaning his fats are low and carbs are high, and mine, the opposite. I’ve gotten really, really good at crafting one meal two ways, though, and it’s hardly a bother anymore.

Seared ahi and baked tofu on the menu tonight! I opted for a salad option, with a base of spinach and cabbage, and offered Zack a fried rice option, but he just wanted plain rice and asked that I craft, instead, a sauce. So he gets a maple sriracha ginger miso sauce, and I made myself a dressing of sesame oil, honey ginger white balsamic, and a splash of soy.


Husband has moved past rolling his eyes when I make tofu, and actually looks forward to it now that I’ve perfected it! He’s a champ!

Dinner breakdown:

The ingredients page wouldn’t show ALL of my ingredients in the screenshot area, so excluded at 55g spinach, 108g cabbage, and 30g red cabbage. Most of the soy sauce accounted for here was from the tofu marinade, obviously an estimate, but truly those calories are negligible anyhow so I’m not super worried about it.

Nuts- particularly macadamia- and avocados are great ways to hit your fat macros if you don’t want to rely heavily on dairy and straight-up oils. I have a huge stash of nuts, a nut shelf below my nut butter shelf, stocked with raw pecans, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, pepitas, and hemp seeds. I buy them raw, all of them, and if I want them roasted, it just takes a few minutes in the oven.

So at this point in my day, I have very few macros left. Less than a handful of carbs, though I’m a bit low on fiber, a couple of fats, and a couple of protein. I always save a few because dessert is very important to me. I end my day with a sweet bite… or bowl… every single day. This helps me hit my goals and feel happy about it.

Tonight, I opted for just half of a Quest bar- vanilla almond, one of my favorites- topped with one of my favorite nut butters, the Cinnamon Pecan Coconut Almond Butter made by You Fresh Naturals.  This is one of my absolute favorite brands, which is saying something from a girl with a cupboard dedicated to nut butters. (Also not sponsored… please. PLEASE. Nut butter sponsorship though?)

Having just half of a Quest bar is a super easy way to

  1. Fit within my carb goals for the day,
  2. Meet my fiber goals for the day, and
  3. End my day with just a little something sweet.

I don’t typically need to supplement protein with bars or shakes, as I actually just enjoy eating protein with my meals, but if I plan my day to end like this, I save a few protein macros for it. For example, today I chose 6T egg whites rather than the 9T I might normally have, and I had a smaller portion of tuna when I might’ve taken a slice of Zack’s.

Also I choose a higher-fat Questie on these days, like vanilla almond (8g/bar), mixed berry (9g), or PB&J (10g/bar). Of course there are other bars with similar fiber contents (B Up, is a great option) and comparable fat-to-carb ratios, but this is just what I happened to have already open from a previous half-bar day, and it worked out well to top it with almond butter!

Dessert breakdown:

Boosting the fiber a bit! Quest bars are great for this.

So, let’s look at my macros goals for the day once again, and compare it to how I ended up:

BOOM. Nailed it.


  • Protein: 116 (34%)
  • Fat: 76 (50%)
  • Carb: 56 (16%)
    • Fiber: at least 18

Hit my fats right on, protein within a gram, and within 4 grams of carbs. I also managed to hit 25g fiber, which is awesome for a rest day.

Personally, I always try to hit within 5g of carbs and protein goals, and 2g fats- this puts me within about a 20-50 calorie range of my calculated calorie goals for the day, and that’s close enough for me, mostly because calorie counts on foods can vary up to 20%, so even if my app says I hit dead on, there’s no saying that’s truly the case.

Oh yeah, and the app I use to track my calories is called Lose It. I find it to be much more user-friendly than the more popular MFP, and it’s colorful and gives me this pretty chart and tiny icons for foods, which appeals to me… and also I’ve been using it for like 3 years, so I’ve built up the food library immensely. Seriously, like everything is entered in grams at this point because my husband and I have entered it. I also love the data it compiles for you on the website, with graphs and patterns and charts and breakdowns, so if I ever need to see specific things, it’s right there on the website version. You can’t set specific macro goals in the free version, and I’m too cheap to spring for premium, so I just keep the spreadsheet I use to calculate my macros as my lock screen on my phone and keep the “Nutrients” tab open on LoseIt, and compare the numbers this way, and totally ignore what the app recommends to me in terms of calories and such. I’m much smarter than it’s algorithm.

Keep checking back for more days- I’ll be sure to get some work days, some lifting days, some vacation days, ALL THE DAYS included!

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    1. I would say next week Benin the look out for that. I present my masters research tomorrow Simon pretty stressed about that, and then almost immediately leave for a music festival. But I have a week off work following so I should have time!


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