Lifting Day: April 30, 2016- Figure Prep, 4 weeks out

Four weeks out means macros are a bit low, but not that I’m subsisting on lettuce and chicken alone! Hell no, there’s still plenty of delicious things to be eaten! And if you follow me on SnapChat, you already know there is homemade mango salsa involved in this day.


Last night was my first carb refeed, and it went spectacularly. I woke up over a pound lighter, and got a wicked awesome upper body pump going in the gym this morning. I’ll be discussing the topic of carb refeeds in a coming post, don’t fret- I’ve been asked about it quite a few times and I want to address it adequately. However, what this does mean for today’s post is that you might notice my carbs are slightly lower, percentage-wise. I’m keeping my lifting day carbs slightly lower in order to account for that weekly carb load, as opposed to going with my typical 25/75 split. 


Macro goals for the day:

  • Protein: 120g
  • Fats: 30g
  • Carbs: 170g

If you’ve been reading these BWDYE posts for a while, you already know that I often start my day with a turkey sandwich. I fucking love them! But today, I wanted a breakfast turkey sandwich. For some reason, this is a prep craving that I have it seems- sweet and savory combinations. I made up this sandwich last contest prep and it. is. MAGICAL.

That’s a real beauty, isn’t it?

      Not pictured: red onion and Cellucor protein powder

Two pieces of french toast, surrounding lightly browned turkey sandwich meat, sautéed spinach and red onions, a yolk-y fried egg, and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, topped with a peanut butter maple syrup sauce… dear lord get in my belly!

You need to see this beauty again…

And the macros are just as beautiful!

Subtracting these from my daily totals, here’s what I’m left with:



Protein: 120-32=88g remaining

Fats: 30-8=22g remaining

Carbs: 170-47=123g remaining




I had a pretty busy afternoon at the Nike Outlet, so I grabbed a couple of snacks for the road. Also I whipped together the mango salsa for dinner, and you know I savagely attacked the delicious sweet flesh out of the skins while cutting up the mango. Because mango.









  1. If you don’t know about Oatmega bars- GET ON THAT. They are seriously my favorite. They are much more like real for than any other protein bar, and every flavor is incredible, no exceptions. I literally have SIX 12-pack boxes in my cupboard, I cannot get enough. Macros in each bar are 7F/21C (7fiber)/14P, so totally workable, and the best prices I’ve found are at Target, FYI. You’re welcome.
  2. YES. I eat rice cakes. On purpose. Blah blah blah that’s bikini girl/meal plan food blah blah blah. But have you had the caramel ones or the white cheddar? In fact, as I was eating these ones I looked over at my husband and said “Ohmigawd I love white cheddar rice cakes,” in an over exaggerated tone and he rolled his eyes at me. And just 11g carbs each!
Yes, I logged the wrong bar, but the macros are the same, so I just logged the first one in my app.


Subtracting these (rounded) totals out from my day, we have:


Protein 1203218=70g remaining

Fats: 30-88=14g remaining

Carbs: 170-47-49=74g remaining





Oh man, I’m super excited about dinner. FISH TACOS! Fish tacos night is the BEST night. When i tell my husband it’s fish taco night we celebrate it all day. Because I only have 74g carbs left in my day, I’m planning mine out to be a fish taco salad, which is just as satisfying for me and allows me to have dessert. Call me basic, but I freaking love salads. People who don’t like salads have never had one of MY salads. If you follow me on SnapChat you’ve seen the epic beauties I craft almost daily.


It ended up being really, really low in calories on accident. But that’s fine. I’m happy to make up for it in dessert, which is it’s own meal anyhow.



The mango salsa is a recipe which I update each time I make it, based on however much tomato there is and however much avocado and whatnot, so it changes each time I use the recipe, just slightly. The crema sauce is Greek yogurt based with chipotle pepper and it is oh-so-yummy! Mmmmm, the fish is so nice and spicy- and broiled, rather than the typically deep fried fish in a fish taco.



Subtracting out this meal’s minuscule (but filling! This salad bowl is gigantic, you just can’t tell!) macros, for dessert I’m left with:


Protein 12032-18-33=37g remaining

Fats: 30-8-8-5=9g remaining

Carbs: 170-47-49-28=46g remaining




Everybody knows dessert is my favorite meal of the day, and I’m left with some decent macros to work with to make a good one. Annnnnnd I’ve just stocked up on Halo Top at a nearby store, my second favorite “diet” ice cream, following Enlightened (which is a goddamned game changer, if you don’t know.) I decided to make a Beltsander brownie (essentially a microwaved protein shake- it’s not perfect, but it does the trick) to go underneath it, which makes this dessert feel like real dessert, not diet dessert.

                 Yeah yeah, ugly all-brown food.


I haven’t been having as many Oreos this prep, mostly because there haven’t been any really good limited edition releases recently, but a student brought me a pack of original Oreos this week as a thank you for writing him a letter of recommendation for a scholarship on a hour’s notice, after another teacher flaked on it. I did make the Beltsander brownie using mint chip flavored protein, which makes it a bit more fun.


And that pretty well wraps up the macros for the day! Finishing up my math, here, accounting for mini chocolate chips to make up the remaining few fats and carbs:

Protein: 120-(32-18-33)-38= -1

Fats: 30-(8-8-5)-9=ZERO

Carbs: 170-(47-49-28)-48= -2

Satisfactorily close, indeed, and a satisfyingly delicious day of food. 

When I’m on contest prep, I do try to stay as close to my calculated numbers as possible- within about 5g on both carbs and protein (so about 20 calories), and within 2g (again, about 18 calories) on fats. Of course, the closer the better, but losing your shit about a gram o3 three over on carbs isn’t going to do anyone any favors. Even on prep, be kind to yourself. Eat delicious foods- don’t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen with spices and flavors that will make even the most basic foods- like white fish- exciting and delicious!