One Day Out: Carbs are Great, But Can I LIFT Now?

One day out.



I’m getting twitchy as hell. My body is not a fan of the relaxing part healing process, and I may have let my massage therapist get a bit overzealous last night…against strict instructions not to let this happen from someone who definitely knows what they’re talking about… oops. But holy cats did he know what he was doing. I’ve never had someone pay such close attention to what my muscles and BONES were saying to him. I swear, he’s the muscle whisperer. I wanted to empty my savings account to tip him. Maybe I will next time…


I had weigh-ins at 5:30 tonight. I woke up at 120.0 this morning, and due to the fact that my weight can fluctuate up to 6 pounds over the course of the day, I chose to play it safe and eat and drink very little beforehand. We all know the hardest part was not drinking 150+ ounces of water… anyhow that led to me being snappy and hungry with Zack after work, after having eaten only a sandwich and a mandarin orange all day. When I weighed myself after work, though, I was at 118.8 pounds, hooray! Officially, I weighed in at 54kg, and my weight class is 56kg, so I was well within bounds! Now to apologize to Zack for being a jerk to him when I came home from work.

Tonight, I prep. 

I made a favorite meal for dinner, having been told to carb up properly: enchiladas with salsa verde! A totally whitewashed macro-fied version, though: shredded chicken breast, black beans, and acorn squash on the inside, with salsa verde rather than red sauce. I usually make my own, but with weigh-ins and getting my shit together tonight, I bought a container from the bodega. Still fresh, still super delicious. I’ve had next to no appetite the past few days, so I figured making something super delicious is a good way to coax myself into eating enough. I should’ve made them with sweet potatoes to up the carb and calorie count a bit, in retrospect.

                Looks like a dog’s lunch. Like I GAF. Delicious.


Following dinner: Ben & Jerry, and the Cap’n! Mmmmm…

Nobody ever told me the B&J fro yo is LEGIT!


After Master Chef Jr., I’ll have an epsom salts and lavender bath before bed to try and draw out any remaining soreness in my muscles, and to relax and give myself a shot at a reasonable night’s sleep. Unfortunately, though I was instructed to eat sleep eat sleep this week, I’ve done neither. I attribute my sleeplessness to my reduced activity, as well as a bit of work stress- I swear I do more work after school than I do in any of my classes. That teacher life. Anyhow like I said, my appetite has been complete shit, likely, again, to my reduced activity this week, and my weight was playing idiot games with me too. How is it going to be higher than ever when I am struggling to even eat 1200 calories, much less the 1900 I have as a goal? I normally wouldn’t have worried about it, but I was getting nervous about weighing in, like I said, due to my weight fluctuations. Good news: Ben & Jerry helped me out tonight, I definitely got enough calories in me.


I also packed up my competition day bag today. Much like my figure competition day bag, it’s got an assortment of food, first and foremost- carbs on carbs on carbs! For a bodybuilding competition, the carbs serve to fill up your muscle and make it look big and full on stage, however, for a powerlifting competition, the carbs serve their actual, intended, biological purpose: energy. Quick carbs- like sugars- are used to spike your energy. A powerlifting meet isn’t a quick thing, it’s like a rollercoaster that lasts something like 9 hours, and in that time you have to lift, your absolute best lifts, nine different times. But in between each lift, you wait. Go hard. Wait. Go hard. Wait. Up and down and up and down. So some sugar and caffeine, well managed, seems to be the consensus on how to deal with this exhausting ride. My poisons of choice include:

  • A turkey sandwich, obviously, because turkey sandwiches are my life.
  • A box of doughnuts, which Zack will pick up from my rockin’ neighbors over at Nomad Donuts, fresh, in the morning, to share with the other Deadweight lifters. I’m making a box of Nomad a competition day tradition, I think.
  • Oreos. DUH.
  • Cereal. Cap’n Crunch and Cheerios. Cereals that start with C, I guess.
  • Sour Patch Kids. Except they’re generic Walgreens brand “sour bears.” Whatever, they were half the price and contain carbs just the same.
  • Carrots, a slightly less quick-acting, starchy carb, but my favorite snack of all time ever.
  • Mandarin oranges, because not all my quick carbs need to come from bread and cookies, and these are a favorite sweet treat of mine.


In addition to my carb collection, I’ve got my:

  • chalk for deadlifting
  • knee sleeves, singlet, deadlift socks (which I conveniently forgot during weigh-in and gear check… luckily I was told just to bring them tomorrow). GUYS PLEASE DON’T BE MAD. I put it out for vote, and then the deadlift socks that absolutely fit without a doubt no question hit below the knee without folding… are plain ass green. BORING. I’ve let you down, and god I’m sorry about it.
  • BCAAs- duh, Scivation… you thought I was going to say mango! Guys you don’t even know, I’m on strawberry kiwi now, though!
  • Pre workout and coffee- if this is going to be a 9+ hour affair, I’m going to need my fair share of caffeine. As it is, I’m a high school teacher, which means I am not even functional without at least 3 cups of java in the morning. I’ll have my Carbon Prep, a non-stimulant pre that I’ve been super in love with- I’m a sucker for a nootropic in a preworkout, which I’ll sip through the first half of the day, while my coffee is still in effect. When I find my energy beginning to flag, I’ll switch over to Pre-Jym. These are my two favorites, and I don’t feel like they’ll let me down, or make me twitchy or itchy or angry.
  • hip circle, foam roller, and resistance bands
  • headphones and phone charger- the ol’ battery hasn’t been the same since I threw the iPhone in a Starbucks toilet (PRIOR to peeing! It was clean water!), even after Zack rescued it and changed the battery.
  • stack of essays to grade. Yes. Essays to grade. What, like being a teacher stops just because I’ve got heavy shit to lift? Nope, these Gilded Age “Captains of Industry or Robber Barons?” essays require my attention! I’ve been told there’s lots of down time between lifts, so, I may as well be productive. Maximizing time- I’m a pro.Alright. Bath time. Bed time. Lifting time.

Keep an eye on my Insta and Facebook for quick updates as I lift! I’ll try and get someone to video my lifts, but I told Zack he doesn’t have to come sit that whole time. He’ll pop in with my doughnuts, and for sure someone will be there to watch me deadlift, which promises to be the star lift of the day.


2 thoughts on “One Day Out: Carbs are Great, But Can I LIFT Now?

    1. Thanks! I have a lot of fun writing them- it’s such a cool way to be able to express myself, and the fact that anyone cares what I have to say astounds and excites me!


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