The Next Chapter: A New Kind of Prep!

Almost one year ago, my first post on this blog was to announce that I had officially registered to compete in my first NPC show, three months later. Subsequent posts detailed the steps I took in preparation for that competition- training, nutrition, costuming, everything. These are the roots of this space- a look at the minutia, the behind the scenes stuff, as I saw and experienced it.


Well, here we go again.


Last night, I officially, after years of saying I was going to, and never getting up the ladyballs to do so, I signed up for my first powerlifting competition. That’s right- powerlifting! I turned in my paperwork for USPA membership this morning.



While I’ve always trained as a powerlifter, even through my previous figure contest prep, I’ve never actually pulled the trigger and put my training to the test in a meet setting. It came to my attention that a meet would be held near me on December 5th, and that I knew some of the people lifting and sponsoring the event. This put me into conflict for a number of weeks, as this was the very same date that I had set as a potential next show date- for bodybuilding. Now, I’m ambitious, and I don’t ever take “impossible” as an answer, but I knew I couldn’t prep for and compete in both on the same date. So I put it on the calendar, and made an event each week counting down…9…8…7…6 weeks out from that December 5th date- to make up my mind and register for one or the other.


After closely considering my larger goals, of competing at a national figure show in 2016 and giving my body a bit of a chance to recover from nearly a year of nonstop deficit eating, I decided this weekend that I would push ahead with my reverse diet-into-bulk through the winter, and in doing so not diet down for a December show, choosing instead to focus on bringing my TDEE up through careful reverse dieting, bringing my strength up, through, duh, heavy ass lifting, and trying to do some growing to make myself more competitive as a figure athlete. A real, honest-to-goodness offseason. No silly mini-cuts, no diets, but a concerted effort to make my body better, stronger, bigger, healthier, and more competitive in every aspect. So, powerlifting it is!

This did bring up one interesting point that I did not consider until I was already registering: weight class. Weight classes in powerlifting are quite large, at least, for someone as “small” as me. My average weight for the past 4 weeks has hovered in the 116 pounds range, and weight classes are 114 and 123. Obviously, losing two pounds would take very little effort in a six week timeframe, with careful macro adjustments, however, I chose to register for the 123 weight class anyhow, holding myself accountable for the No Dieting decision I’ve made for the winter. This means I may end up competing at the very bottom of the weight class, which is not particularly advantageous and may mean I don’t “win” anything. But it also means I can focus on gaining strength and not worry about what the scale says, and my training can take top priority. I run no risk of gaining 7 pounds in 6 weeks, so I can simply continue on increasing my calories as planned. As someone pretty cool says: Lift big. Eat big. Gonna gain for size and strength, and end up more awesome at everything in the end. Big goals, I know.


So here we go again. Embarking on another prep, or a wholly different variety. This is all new to me, just the same as my last contest was, so, I’m bringing Squat Rack Shenanigans back to it’s genesis. As I tweak my training in preparation for the meet, dial in my nutrition, and buy incredibly flattering outfits, I can’t wait to share all I learn as I embark on this new adventure, and perhaps, perhaps, a few of you can help me out along the way- I’ll be doing this, again, without coaching, and I know that many of you are strength athletes with a competition or ten under your weightlifting belt. Feel free to call me out if I’m screwing things up royally. And if you’re in the San Diego area in December, maybe you can come hang out with me between lifts at the El Cajon Open.




Ready. Set. LET’S GO!


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