I’m Sorry I’m Sorry! (Also, Your Feedback, Please!)

I’m sorry friends! I know I promised the continuation of the saga that was competition day, things have been super nuts this week- I was offered a position in a new classroom beginning immediately, so I’ve been quite focused on that. However! The weekend is nigh, and I have plans to enthrall you all with the tale of the night show, complete with doughnuts (duh!), results, and more pictures of me nearly naked and brown than you care to look at I’m sure!

Before I continue, though, I do wonder: now that my figure debut has passed, and technically this blog was intended to document the prep for that event, what shall I do with the blog? If I continue to write, will you continue to read? Should I hang up my blog-writing hat? What would you like to see in this space, should I continue to write? I have enjoyed this process of writing very, very much, and the incredible feedback and support that I have received. So let me know in the comments!

And I PROMISE! This weekend, I’ll finish with part 2 of show day!


9 thoughts on “I’m Sorry I’m Sorry! (Also, Your Feedback, Please!)

  1. I would most definitely love to see you continue to write. I’m sure it won’t be long before you find some other competition to compete in. I think documenting life post-show may be helpful to see what you are doing in the gym, and what kind of ass you are kicking. I, for one, will continue to read if you continue to write!


  2. jayboogeeisback from Fito here. Definitely keep writing. One of the big reasons I keep reading is because I want to see what you do for your reverse dieting thing. Also I just dig your wit and outlook on the industry, you are quite entertaining! =)


  3. I will read literally anything you write! I’d love to hear about your post-show return to real life, where you plan to go from here, regular training and programming, top 5 most useful things you’ve learned from your time in the lifting world, how your bench press is going, “I failed a lift in a hilarious way” stories, how you address weak points… I love reading your blog and look forward to every single post.


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