It’s Official- I’m an NPC Figure Competitor!

Today marks 8 weeks out.


Here’s a couple more stats for you- I met with my coach for a formal check-in and measure today:

(Important- remember that until just a few days ago, I was eating above my TDEE for nearly 7 weeks)

Since my last check-in with measurements, I have significantly upped my calories, but managed to:

  • Stay the same weight (I gained about 4 pounds for a few days, but apparently it fell back off?)
  • Add 3/4″ to my bicep
  • Add over an inch to my chest (doubtful my implants grew… THAT MEANS IT’S LATS!!!)
  • Lose 1/2″ from my waist
  • Lose (MAGICALLY?!?!) 3% body fat, according to the calipers

So, you could say things are looking pretty good going into my prep.


And with all those measurements showing improvement, as well as the receipt of my contest expenses check from my sponsors over at Nutrilys, I finally pulled the trigger and registered for my show today!



Upping the cool ante, I was also added to a team of brand representatives for a local athletic apparel company, Lift Heavy Athletics. I met with the (super badass) boss man and he hooked me up with a bunch of new gym clothes. Two times out of two I’ve worn it to the gyms on base, I’ve been asked about it. So you could say I’m pretty good at representing- and proud to, too! The shirts are mega comfy and the owner is, no lie, the most badass guy I’ve ever met- a Special Forces Veteran with a wicked cool beard, and stories for days. Also they just switched to environmentally friendly inks and are in the process of becoming entirely American-made- inks, materials, everything.

When you wear it, you can’t help but follow the instructions. Lift heavy. Because bitches love muscles.

In other news, my programming is turning me into a weird little broken baby deer tonight, with no brains. I’m just hobbling around whining at my husband as he laughs at me, while I stand up and sit down and realize that no, I didn’t grab my notebook as intended, but instead made tea and the notebook is still across the room. Never in my life have I looked forward to a rest day, but tomorrow, or lord do I need that rest day tomorrow. I intended to take an 8-9 mile bike ride, but I don’t thin it’s going to happen. I’ll be lucky to make it through yoga alive. If this is my last blog post, it’s because I squatted myself into rhabdo and died tonight. You need to know that I love and appreciate you… just in case.



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